Aluminium Electronic Cabinets Perth

Electronic Enclosure Specialists


Prestige Sheetmetal designs and manufactures custom and standard cabinets, consoles and cases to house and protect electronic equipment. This includes configurable, modular vertical 19" rackmount cabinets and consoles, rugged and mobile racks and carts, wall and pole mounted enclosures and desktop/portable cases.

Prestige Sheetmetal can produced vertical cabinets to effectively house and protect sensitive and critical electronics. We can meet a wide range of requirements: 

  • Challenging rugged environments found in mining, oil & gas, defense and medical applications; 
  • Exposure to harsh conditions found in outdoor or factory settings; or 
  • Challenging thermal requirements faced by broadcast rooms, clean labs, data and telecom centres.


Prestige Sheetmetal offers customised aluminium enclosures and cabinets for a wide variety of electronic equipment housing needs. Each aluminium enclosure is carefully produced with a focus on maximum strength, rigidness and support.

Range of Aluminium Cabinet and Enclosure Products

We can produce any of the following precision made products:

  • Large cabinet racks
  • Welded enclosures for both indoor & outdoor applications
  • Communications cabinets/racks
  • Open racks
  • Server racks 
  • Brackets
  • Small metal enclosures
  • Aluminium chassis
  • Instrument enclosures
  • Die cast boxes
  • Terminal enclosures
  • Touch / Display enclosures
  • Control panel mounting enclosures
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Hand held enclosures
  • Digital signage enclosures
  • Kiosk solutions
  • Menu boards
  • Tablet stands
  • Retail store fixtures
  • Mounting terminals
  • Switches
  • Power supplies
  • Operational and display elements
  • Electronic sub-assemblies

What is the Prestige Sheetmetal difference?

What makes Prestige Sheetmetal different from most other aluminium electronic cabinet manufacturers in Australia is we can assist you with your full customisation services. All work is undertaken by Prestige Sheetmetal at our manufacturing facility in the heart of Osborne Park, a major industrial hub in Perth. Our services includes milling or punching of holes and slots into the enclosure according to your require design. Powder coating services are also available for a standard complete finished look.

 For more information or a quote simply send your technical drawings and enclosure required to where we will be happy to assist you. 

We provide superior solutions to fastrack your product to market

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Precision electronic sheet metal fabrication

  • Customer Driven Results
  • Concept to Finished Product
  • Simple to Complex Assemblies
  • Short to Long Run Production
  • Quality & Durable Materials
  • Custom Design & Engineering

Our Services

  • Precision Sheet Metal
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Powdercoating
  • Turret Punching
  • Welding

Industry leader in providing solutions

Prestige Sheetmetal supports many industries requiring precision sheet metal products:

  • Electronic (Server BoxesRack Cases, Rack Frames, Communication Bollards)
  • Mining
  • Medical
  • Building
  • Telecom
  • Water Filtration

Have a product you want to bring to market?

Combining our experience and state of the art technology we can offer a complete in-house service.

Let Prestige Sheetmetal take your idea from concept to design, to manufacture, to delivery.